“I was born for this bro” Stanley Enow says as he features on CNN’s African Voices


Hellooo!!! beautiful KD readers. So I guess you are here to read what’s up. Well thats what we do and thank you for trusting that. Lately I just like to bla bla bla!!! before I go into the main story right? Yes I know. By the way lets dive into it.

The Motherland Music signatory, MTV Base awards winner and super star rapper Stanley Enow is our focus for today. You know how all those religious people always say, “a prophet is never accepted in his on land” (lol). What does that even mean? why did I even bring that up? Well, come to think of it, Stanley seems to have a wide variety of fans out of his country than in his own country. I will tell you about that later.

Recently, Stanley was guest star at the Popular CNN program African Voices. This program deals with people creating impact all over Africa or in some parts of Africa. I guess that already tells you why Stanley Enow featured in this Program.

The interview had Stanley talking about his humble beginnings and his dive into firm which was triggered by his first single Hein Pere which earned him the prestigious MAMA awards in Johannesburg South Africa. He also made mention of the fact that music (hip hop) is what he was born to do and despite his firm all over the world he still has Africa and Cameroon in particular at heart.

Well, you remember when I said he has more fans out of his country than in it? Yeah I guess you do. Stanley has been criticized for over the years for doing bad music or should i say not so good enough hip hop by his own Cameroonians. Some think that he is over rated. I can’t cease but ask myself that how can someone do “not so good music” ,yet receive so much recognition internationally? As of now, Stanley Enow remains the only Hip Hop artists in Cameroon with the number of achievements from awards, to shows and to recognitions

Stanley Ebai Enow is a Cameroonian Rapper Born and raised in a city called Bafoussam in the West Region Of Cameroon but a native Of Mamfein the South West Region, Stanley Ebai Enow aka « Bayangi Boy » left his homeland for greener pastures  in Douala; a city buzzing stanleywith bright lights and new hope. Filled with creativity and a penchant for culture, Stanley Enow graduated with a Communications degree at the University Of Douala in 2011. During his studies, he kick started a career as a radio host which led him to catch the eye of Cameroon’s urban music pioneer and culture guru Tony Nobody. With his charisma and recognizable voice, Stanley Enow quickly became the media personality at the heart of the urban music scene – from hosting popular television music show « MBOA » to fronting his own show « Stanley Urban Radio Show » to being picked to host concerts featuring international artists such as France’s hip hop group Sexion D’Assault„. with these also came advertising campaigns with Pan-African telecommunication giants like MTN. While building a solid reputation within the hip hop circles.The story of his hit single « Hein Pére » began towards the end Of 2012 with a scenario at an agency in Douala where Stanley Enow would go to pay an invoice. After several hours in a queue that was not moving forward as quickly as it should, an Old man began to voice his anger to which Stanley calmed him down by saying « What else can we do, hein pére?! »The phenomenon began right there, the inspiration was imminent. When Stanley Enow began writing his motivation was clear – facing a youth in despair that had given up hope, creating a song people could relate to with a strong positive message was needed – « Hein meaning « Yes Father ». Hein pere was a song that was life changing. Following an effective digital campaign, media assistance, grassroots marketing and a connection with the Cameroon audience, « Hein Pére » is today one Of Cameroon’s biggest urban music tracks  on YouTube to date making Motherland Empire’s Stanley Enow the most prolific urban artist in the country. From « Hein Pere »  there was a remix with South African rapper F.A.B. , followed by his second official single « Tumbuboss » (Deluxe).  « Njama Njama Cow » became his  third official release . Later in 2015 ,A collaboration with the Guinness « Made of Black » campaign gave birth to « Black Commando » bringing together Stanley Enow and London based Ghanaian act Fuse ODG and Nigeria’s Olamide. « Njama Njama Cow Remix » with Ghana’s Sarkodie sparked the beginning of Stanley Enow’s collaboration with other front running international African artists with more previewed for 2015. He chooses to rap in « Francanglais » – a slang term fusing French, English and words taken from Cameroonian dialects in order to connect with the youths who constitute the majority of his fan base. COURTESY 237showbizz

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