“That’s a devil’s house”-Blueprint Hakeem breeds more controversy on New Bell Music


Seems enough is never really enough. This is how we know that enough is not enough, when you think that the beef is over and you have had enough of the roasted beef then more is being made.

I have been wondering lately what the Bamenda based artists are cooking up against CEO and artist Jovi LeMonstre. First Tilla goes on her Facebook page to throw shade on some account under her post which she claims was Jovi’s. Did you miss that article? Read here

Earlier this week Blueprint Hakeem, A Cameroon rapper and Bamenda based artist too went ahead to jiggle  more of the controversy. See his post below…

Were you able to read that? well here it is in words as I quote,

Let me say something that has been pinching me for years. Do not envy New Bell Music. Thats a devil’s house. They change u. Those who have left know what i am talking about. Those in it know this is the truth n do not hv inner peace. They dont like it there but hv no choice. Be wise b4 u join those people. The evidence is very clear. #TheresAbottleImpThere”

The Devil’s house? Really? I mean what kind of a devil’s house makes such good music and harbors such amazing talent though?! I am just thinking aloud.

You know how showbizz is, sometimes beef is real sometimes its just some publicity stunt. But it is not in my place to say anything in relation to whatever the real thing was. Recently Blueprint Hakeem just released one of his major projects as seen on the poster below

Excuse my English EP with is a five track EP released last week

By the way Jovi Also recently released an EP. Could they be something that is yet to make sense as far as this artists wahala is concerned though. BY the way am not saying it has anything to do with their releases.

Not withstanding , Karawa Diary is here to watch and to give you the information undiluted. Leave us your comments for sure.



  1. If an elderly rapper like Hakeem who for all these years has never spoken ill of any person now says something like this, i think something is smelling.

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