The Best Anglophone DJs revealed!



My criteria for choosing the top of general entertainers is on an average of six (06) years data. It ranges from crowd-pulled popularity, professionalism (ability to employ professional equipment and services) and number of followers on social media. I have been able to listen to all these Djs play (and they play really well), but choosing was the hardest thing to do. I had an online interview with all, and from my selection, and here’s what they said and in order of my favorite DJs.

Before I list them out, I’ll pay tribute to the grand fathers of DJs in South West

Grand Father Terence Njang a.k.a Tokzik General


Every where you go, you must hear his name. He’s so versatile and dynamic that, at times, we confuse what he really is. A comedian, an actor, a musician, a beat boxer, a disc jockey, this man GOT IT ALL!.

Grand Father Mbataku Gaston a.k.a DJ Dertsman


This one-stop killer DJ at FootPrint is another grand father in the Anglophone DJ community. He has been into music with East Side Dance crew, where he would perform in break dance. It was then [2002] that Dertsman love into music and Dj’ing grew. He loves African music, and still pay tributes to his mentor Dj Valery. Speaking to Dertsman about the difficulties which he thinks he has faced, alongside other Djs, “To prove your self as a good dj,lack of necessary djs appliance ,insults and mockery from friends ,jealousy and gossiping from friends and most importantly low level of to  respects from djs in my  14 years in djing of which i have been able to overcome all this vice to become one of the best djs in buea ,south west region and  cameroon as a whole.” It is worthy to note Dertsman is the president of the Buea DJ Association (BDA)



There are many entertainers in South West, but not all could be here. It takes a lot to impress a crowd, in order to be on Karawa Diary.


6. Tachu Jerry


Stage Name : DJ JerryJ

Work places : Miami Beach Snack and Bush Faller Creek (reference DJ), Kumba

Age               : 30 years

Strength        : Coupe Decale, Hip Hop

Crowd Pulled  : 75%

Social Media   : 36%

Longevity       : 2/6

Bio : Jerry is the sweet heart of Meme Djs. Currently dubbed as the most handsome DJ in Meme, Jerry is a multi-venue Dj. DJ JerryJ has a style of transitioning dance hall tracks, with perfect cuts and intros. His passion into DJ started in with the help of Tokzik DJ. 

JerryJ on Piooner DDJ-SX

Jerry is known wildly for shouting on the mic.

5. Wilson Mbuki

Waxzy DJ
Waxzy DJ

Stage Name : Waxzy Deejay

Work places : Shepherd Snack, Kumba

Age               : [not disclosed]

Strength        : Coupe Decale, Naija, Bikutsi

Crowd Pulled  : 70%

Social Media   : 46%

Longevity       : 3/6

Bio :Aggara (nickname) is a young smart disc jockey, and has a high recommendation from other DJs. Waxzy grew fast into this world of music mixing after enjoying mixtape collections from Dj Sony (Air Force One), Serge Mambo and others. He has always attributed his talent to God, and had to make a crucial decision over formal education for this career. Till date, he still admires Dj Sony.

Waxzy with Pioneer DDJ-SX
Waxzy with Pioneer DDJ-SX

Difficulties faced “Yes, I had a lot of challenges, especially in mixing. I had to learn how to fade in and out, how to create play/pause sequences, beat and pitch matching. My family supported me, so it gave me the inspiration and courage”.

I think Waxzy is the best DJ in Kumba,second by JerryJ. That’s why only the two could feature here. Follow Dj Waxzy here ->

4. DJ Mich Exclusive

DJ Meech on the machine
DJ Meech on the machine

Stage Name : DJ Mich Exclusive

Work places : Spyce Night Club, Buea

Brasseries du Cameroun, SW, DJ

Age               : 31 years

Strength        : Kamer Hits (Bikutsi, Kamerpop,Kamer Afro,Makossa)

Crowd Pulled  : 68%

Social Media   : 70%

Longevity       : 3/6

Bio :Mich is a diverse son. After pursuing a certificate in Information and Communication Technology, Mich found a passion in music early 2005. He started his own showroom discotheque, and was prompted by his artists to choose a disc jockeying(Dj’ing) career. His interest has always been to promote Cameroon music, no doubt, he’s very good at mixing Cameroon music. He has always looked up to the master of his dreams, David Guetta. Meech is a family man, and always had support from his family. He is a father to a handsome seven (07) year old son. Mich was the bronze winner in the Buea DJ annual competition.


Difficulties faced “Getting to be known by the crowd is very difficult. You have to be at the Top before people know you.

Follow Dj Meech here ->

3. Ebongue Georges

Maahjong's number 1 Dj
Maahjong’s number 1 Dj

Stage name      :  DJ Karter

Workplaces       :  DreamLounge Snack, Buea

                          Maahjong Night Club, Bamenda

Age                  :  [not disclosed]

Strength           :  Hip Hop[Retro), RnB

Crowd Pulled     : 87%

Social Media      : 60%

Longevity          : 6/6

Bio : Georges was the champion at Vista awards, held in Kumba three years ago for Best DJ. DJ Karter began his dreams since 1998, where he used to animate at school events and little parties. Little did he know he will become the iconic DJ in Buea at DreamLounge, who always kept an overcrowded population.

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-06 at 10.27.48 AM

He uses Nexus CDJ2000, and is versed with Vinyls


2. Ngabe Bertrand

Wazabnga in Ebony
Wazabanga in Ebony

Stage name      :  DJ Wazabanga

Workplaces       :  Ebony Beauty Snack, Buea

Age                  : [not disclosed]

Strength           :  HipHop(new skul), Naija

Crowd Pulled    :  82%

Social Media     : 93%

Longetivity       : 2/6

Bio : The current and pioneer champion in the Buea DJ Association (BDA) as Best DJ, Ngabe is the fan’s choice. Notably, he has the highest followers in Fako due to his commitment in direct interaction and always refer to himself as “DJ with Attitude”.

Team waza
Team waza

Wazabanga is fond of his peers, and keeps a close relation with youths. He’s the youth choice! I personally admire Bertrand for having gone this far in his youthful age. We may be looking at the next best African DJ in the making.

This alone tells us alot about the credentials of Ebony Beauty Snack. Who doesn’t like Ebony? My first two Djs are the crowd keepers, and they deserve a lot of respect.

Difficulties faced : “Standing and playing for half a dozen of hours, and getting limited sleep [laughs]. It’s my profession though, I’ve learned to live with it.”

Follow wazabanga here ->

Wazabanga preparing to go to Ebony
Wazabanga preparing to go to Ebony

Although his family thought of him as ‘mad’ when he started in 2005, Wazabanga pushed limits, and with the help of his present colleague – Bisou, Wazabanga is the baddest boy in Buea.

1. Teboh Remy

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-06 at 12.17.41 AM

Stage Name : DJ Bisou

Work places : Ebony Beauty Snack, Buea (present)

Banga Skul open snack, Kumba (32 months)

Age               : 27 years

Strength        : Afropop, HipHop(old skul)

Crowd Pulled  : 82%

Social Media   : 70%

Longevity        : 6/6

Bio : 27 year old superstar DJ is undoubtedly number 1. Currently playing at Ebony snack, Bisou has transformed his audience into a visitation loop. He has played at the most visited snack in Kumba (Banga Skul), and now at the most visited snack in Buea. Bisou has a style of scratching on the Pioneer DDJ-SB which many Djs are to discover coupled with the natural talent of Afro and HipHop mixing. Bisou completed high school education in Automobile Technology, and found his passion with the aid of Dj Guyzo in 2007. The Douala-born Disc Jockey (DJ) has trained four others and admires David Guetta.

Bisou Scratching
Bisou Scratching

If you need good to listen to good music, alongside the Duo with Wazabanga, Ebony will provide you with it, and Bisou is at the top.

Difficulties faced : “To be a top Dj, you need to sacrifice all your time and energy in updating yourself, and it is really demanding. Also, I faced embarrassment from my understudies [apprentice] who have gone up to disrespect the mentor-ship I provided them”

Follow DJ Bisou here ->

Thrilling the crowd at Ebony
Thrilling the crowd at Ebony


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Carlson is a student at University of Buea in Telecommunications Engineering. He is a blogger, content writer, promoter and has also partake in Dj sessions [under the Stage name “Carlson Deejay”]. He currently is media promoter for 2Gether Enter10ment which hosts artists like BigG , General Tokzik, RaazB. He has been blogging since 2012.


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