The woman who was alleged to spend 2 billion before 3pm in Yaounde at DOVV essos,Insights


Hey KD readers, how are you all doing. You know how they say wonders shall never end? In Cameroon it is even further from thoughts of ending anytime. Yesterday a woman who was alleged to be carrying 2 billion CFA to spend before 3pm got into a super market in Yaounde called DOVV. Let me fill you in. According to the story She hard everyone in the supermarket at the time take anything  of their choice and she paid for.

Yeah she gave about 500,000 for the goods picked up says the stories that came through social media . Do you remember Drake doing same thing in his music video “God’s plan” ? yeah, it was that kind of scene. Since Cameroonians are so intrigued by free stuff, the news went viral like wild fire and had others came for their own goods and thats how DOVV essos was packed with a crowd almost instantly.

Hours after the strange scene live at Essos district in Yaounde in the Dovv Super Market, we now have more explanations about the real facts.

The supermarket Dovv on Wednesday 01st August 2018 – DR

According to the first information posted earlier yesterday on the internet, the Dovv Essos store was visited by a crowd of people who learned that a lady asks everyone to help themselves in the shop as I earlier explained. According to the same information super abundantly shared on the internet, the lady promised to pay all orders.

According to other information, relayed, the lady had stormed the supermarket with a briefcase of nearly 2 billion for some, 1 billion for others and she wanted to spend at any cost before 3 pm, we learned. The customers of the Dovv supermarket, have made calls to families’ friends and acquaintances, just to enjoy this generosity of another kind. Anything that sees the influx and riots created.

What really happened? The General Directorate produced a statement this 01 st August to try to clarify the information that went in every direction since the morning. This is what the Statement read translated from French

“False information circulating on social networks and taken up by some media reports the presence of a lady at the Supermarket DOVV Essos with bags of money who intends to distribute to whoever wants. (…) Indeed the lady accompanied a little girl entered the supermarket. After shopping for 114.0000 Fcfa, she turned to customers around her and offered to pay their bills. And joining the act to the word, she pulled out her plastic bag of money and actually paid the bills of a few customers who were lined up at the cash desk at that time, “Dovv explains. “Surprised by this surge of generosity, the lucky beneficiaries immediately spread the news to their loved ones, who in turn spread it through social networks and, in a few minutes the supermarket was besieged by curious people who also came to enjoy this manna. “Continues the General Management

“Unfortunately, the lady meanwhile had exhausted what she had available as money. Dovv’s management immediately alerted the security forces, who promptly went down to the scene to secure a seatbelt around the supermarket. The lady was discreetly exfiltrated by the police and led in the presence of her husband, meanwhile, in a position of gendarmerie for his own safety and for the purpose of investigation of use” says  the super market in its press release.

According to this above press release, The woman at DOVV was not in possession of  2billion, neither was she give instructions to spend it before 3pm.

Watch reports from Canal 2 yesterday

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