This is the “dream” Cameroon!


I wish to share a personal experience  of what happened to me in Douala on Monday, 13 February 2017. And I am glad that I could at least experience something of this sort in Cameroon for my very first time.

I had a problem with my Orange internet subscription. I subscribed but it cut my credit and didn’t activate. I tried contacting customer service via Twitter, but I had no response. From there, I decided to go to their closest office, Orange Rhone Poulenc, Makepe-Douala.

So I entered the office and was received by an agent. I greeted, in English and she replied in French and asked me what the problem was. I could tell from her accent that she was a francophone. I proceeded describing my problem in English. She understood me, asked for my phone and I have her

I will like to note that her communication was exclusively in French, while mine was in English. She did some operations on the phone and my data was restored. So I asked her what she did, she showed me and described the process to me.

I was happy for the service offered, and my problem resolved. I gave my closing greetings, same as her giving her appreciation comment for trusting Orange. I left the building, and I felt really happy at the fact that we communicated without bias or favoritism of language, mutual respect and comprehension. That is the kind of Cameroon I dream of.

I hope your reading this story will help change the current course of problems in the country.

What do you think?