“To you TSFAC is a Brand, to me, its an attitude,thats what you wear”-T Pana Wynchester (photos)


Karawa Diary was intrigued by the move made by the CEO of TSFAC (Team Stay Fresh And Clean) clothing line and decided to follow him up. T Pana Wynchester the brain behind the brand TSFAC just made available several other products of the brand which he wants to share with EVERYONE.

I stumbled on him a couple of days ago and wanted to find out who were those who were eligible to put on stuff from this brand and the response was simple,

Well everyone can be clothed in them,it all depends on an individual, what suits you is what you wear, right?” .

So I bet u , if your granny wanna stay fresh and clean you got something for him or her. Continuing my chat with him, he added,

To you TSFAC is just a brand to me it is an attitude, once you put it on,you put on an attitude and that attitude is being fresh and staying clean

By the way, TSFAC will be officially launching the brand products on the second of June at Spyce Nyte Club in Buea. Asides that it will be heat in the club with show down and stage breaking performances. Do you expect anything less with a breath taking brand?


You can easily order your own TSFAC products from the following platforms Facebook Profile  T pana wynchester

IG : @Tpwynchester or @TSFAC

Management: 691448658

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