A top notch Cameroonian Movie “Scarred”, Premiers the 23rd of December 2017 (book)


The Cameroon Film Industry is loaded with a variety of thrilling talents from Producers and Directors to the screen players. Some of these talents are so hidden yet you can feel their impact on several platforms as the world gets more digitalized.

Scarred is a top notch movie produced by Grace Namondo under Graceland Productions. The movie was directed by Miss Lee and stars Limosassy Namondo, Karl Njuma and Helen Nchung.
Scarred is a movie that depicts some of the ills of our day to day challenges when it comes to relationships. The people that we seek to prioritize are the same people that choose to make us an option making it difficult for those with the good heart to handle. In scarred, a mum and daughter worry about the future of their relationship with their Dad and Husband as he begins playing the game of infidelity. The pain experienced by the wife gives birth to several other tragedies. Will she and her daughter conquer the ills to save their relationship and keep the family together or will they bow to the fate of tragedy? Is love actually the painful thing or the pain is in the fate that lies in loving the wrong person?


Are we all broken people in a broken world shift, hurting each other from one generation to another as a multiplier effect of the  unhealing pain and hurt we’ve nursed through the years? SCARRED has the answers.
Scarred Premiers on the 23rd of December 2017 at St Claire Hotel in Buea. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing premiere.
For tickets and bookings;
Contact: (+237)674288506


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