TOTW: Fashion; Cameroon’s top most worn Colors (images/poll)


This week our Topic Of The Week (TOTW) is about fashion and my fancy is absolutely being tickled. All year long we have been watching music videos,attended fashion events,parties and everything the entertainment industry could possibly throw our way. If you not even keen at all you must have noticed the two fabrics that stood out on the runway and behind the cameras.The “Bamenda material” and the “Bamileke Material”.  These are “sure things” now in events and especially music videos and you even have two different celebs wearing the same dress.(We should do a poll on who wore it best right here on KD.Check it out and vote). [socialpoll id=”2407959″]

My point is we have seen it so much and we love it. Feels like we are finally embracing our culture.Another point we have seen it so much and we are getting sick of it. Therefore the question to you designers  is “what’s next?”

I tried getting two designers on either side of the line and the person for said he loved using these two materials because somehow they give him more inspiration than other fabric and his love for culture can have something to do with.

The lady on the other side doesn’t use it because every other person does.So she wants to be different. Of course we appreciate them both for the pro African fashion and their opinions.

Now to our stars. You know  the same dressing seems like a coincidence at first but when it happens can’t blame anyone for thinking.

Come to think of the Cameroonian Designer Louis Fame who blends both cultural wears with the western. Take a look at The song Jamais Jamais by Mr Leo. In the video, his designer Louis Flame practically clothed him in these colors but added more flavor to the style.

They say fashion is a cycle so if that’s true then this is the Bamenda/Bamileke phase. Can’t imagine what could possibly be next.


What do you think?