UB: Mayor’s DIPLOMA creates controversy


A mood of rage was observed on the University of Buea Campus on the inauguration of the new VC as concerns Mayor Patrick Ekema Esunge who was accused to have fraudulently gotten admission as a student of this institution.

The mayor of Buéa, Patrick Ekema Esunge, was accused of getting into the University without an Advance Level certificate.According to the videos broadcasted on social media on June the 10th, students were found protesting with regards to this.

After the press conference given on July 07 by Christopher Tambe Tiku, the regional secretary of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms for the South-West , it triggered the demands observed on Monday at the University of Buea. The latter claimed that he had conducted an investigation following allegations that the local elected official had entered the university without having passed a single subject at the  GCE Advanced level . An investigation which he confirmed to be true at the end.

These revelations immediately created controversy, especially among students of the University of Buéa who initiated protests, demanding the withdrawal of the License and Masters of Patrick Ekema Esunge who is also a member of the staff of this university. Taking advantage of the presence of the Minister of Higher Education to install the new Vice Chancellor of this university, the students expressed their discontent to Jacques Fame Ndongo , chanting the slogan “No Advance Level, No UB!

watch video below…

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