Weekly new releases : Kamer songs.


Weekly new releases : Kamer songs.

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Our weekly new releases features mixed set of artists. Let’s jump right in. [To listen to the tracks, click on the names of the artist].

Lady Ponce – Patrimonie [Album] : You can’t doubt what Lady Ponce is good at, hot fire bikutsi. She releases a new album with 12 tracks. There’s already a video to “Mon Medicin” which is a love story song in bikutsi beat.

Big G Baba – Tori Dey : And now, the long awaited video was released two days ago. The Kumba based artist who recently signed for DME put a powerful video behind his dope lyrics. The video was shot in Limbe and Buea, and also features General Tokzik. However, what baffles many is why the lyrics was modified from audio to video.

Mink’s – Gigolo : Produced by Edi LeDrae  and Spirit X, it’s total dope trap. When I mean trap, I mean it. In addition, you are sure to expect Mink’s punchline lyrics. In a short note, he talks about the life of a gigolo. But wait a minute, is Mink’s one? Because in translated lyrics, he says “..So what if I’m a gigolo..”

There’s it folks. Hope you get to listen to the musics and drop your comments here. And if you are into showbiz, here’s an opportunity for you to go wide. Simply mail us to info@karawadiary.com, and we’ll respond ASAP.

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