Weekly new releases : Kamer songs.


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Our weekly new releases features mixed set of artists. Let’s jump right in. [To listen to the tracks, click on the names of the artists]

Reniss – Eya Eya The NewBell artist dropped the song last week and it has already masted 7k views on her Youtube channel. That’s good. It’s a love song, in French and her local language. Good vocals.

DJ Arafat ft Tenor – Chicoter les TympansThe duo was spotted in Abidjan recently, and we all suspected some work will pop out. Yes, it certainly has. High tempo rhythm, maybe Trap or Coupe Decale, I can’t really tell which genre it is. Maybe a video will come out, and already at 300k views in less than a week.

Maahlox – Voici alors la bosse : He’s back again. It’s a new song, that’s what this article is about. If not, I’m not sure …. [won’t say anything].  He has put together his powerful punchlines, fast rhythm, usually what Maahlox is good at.


I’m including this next song because it made such high tide wave across Africa. It’s now a remix, and I’m sure DJ Waxzy, DJ Orijinal, DJ Neptune, DJ Xclusive will include this in their playlist.

Mr Eazi – Leg over remix feat Major Lazer & French Montana : “My baby di confuse me with her bumbum”, killer lyrics. Then when you imagine that Major Lazer enters the equation, what more? The beating changed, extra instrumentals. Sweet


What do you think?