Who called Blanche Bailly Fat?


Just when we thought Blanche Bailly was down and out after the disaster and disgrace she met in Cote D’ivoire with no one showing up for her concert and the event promoter leaving her stranded, she is reportedly coming up with a new music in which body shaming may be addressed. Blanche like many other artists and unlike Maahlox has been known to sing from personal experiences and battles so we cannot help but wonder where a song with such a message is taking its inspiration. Who called Blanche fat?

This song is coming at a time when men especially in Hollywood are under fire for maltreatment of women in the entertainment industry so much so that it has become a worldwide conversation for women to speak up about marginalization and harassment in every form under the #Time’s Up and #Me Too campaigns.  It is anticipated that this song may see a lot of acceptance from girls and women who are either directly or indirectly affected by all the societal ills that plague womanhood one of which may be calling a girl fat and if we know Blanche she is not going to sugar coat it. Stay glued to Karawa Diary for the gist when it drops.

Sylvia Waindim

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