Wickedness or Professionalism? Realm Squad gets tied down by LolhipHop Records


An article was earlier released explaining the deeper part of the issue hovering between the music crew Realm Squad and their former label.

It is important to note that ever since they tried getting off their record label and working solo, their record label seem not to have appreciated that divorce…Read the entire story below and how it has affected their present projects and career.

This here is to address a situation that for sometime, has bothered minds of supporters and fans of the music group REALM SQUAD that concerns their termination with their former record label(LolhipHop Records).
After our investigations, It is understood that initially, they did not have a proper signing ceremony back then. This is a mistake for any upcoming artist.
Because the contract was sent to them online by lolhiphop records which was based in South Africa. After a series of modifications, they signed and sent back expecting their own signed copy from this company but it was never given to them, the contract containing the company’s signature till date.

Realm Squad ft Wax Dey (their former boss)

But still, The group does not regret leaving this contract because their label was not living up to the terms of the contract, probably because they did not sign the contract.
So, After a series of complains they made to the company for almost a year for breaching the terms of their contract, they were made to understand that it was more of a help or favor than business. probably why they did not sign, so REALM SQUAD won’t have the right to file for breach of contract.
The only song the label ever had interest in was “chop no dey” which in due time we realized that it was because this song featured the boss of the said label(Wax Dey) who is also an artist.
This can be justified because after that, they did 2 releases (Feel Me and Warm Up), but the label did not support the projects in anyway.

It is understood that these guys were abandoned in Douala with no team to work with them because the whole team of the said label quitted because of poor management, A whole day can be taken to name the problems and draw backs that this engagement cost them. So REALM SQUAD left and went back to Buea to start all over again on their own trying to pick the pieces of their careers. Nevertheless they thought it wise to do a proper termination with the label because after they left, it was noticed they were being blocked on various occasions and media, an example is the 237 industry nite in buea at chariot of which so many can testify.

So, on trying to make a peaceful termination with their former label, They made them to understand that they wanted them back to the label.
But considering the fact that during this 3 years which they left, the label went silent on them and signed a number of other artists and it has not worked out. So the group REALM SQUAD said “NO”, they are not interested to comeback but to get a peaceful termination with them.

So the label gave them 2 options, either they comeback into the contract or they sign a termination of 3 million of which Lolhiphop records will still have a management role to play to help raise this money and everybody goes their separate ways.

Considering that they have been blocking these guys since they left, they saw this as an opportunity to free their music and keep working on their own regardless of the 3 million. They knew they will pay off as far as their music becomes popular.

So they signed a termination and the label made them to understand they were free and can get to work, make money from their music and pay up the debt little by little as time goes by but after signing, its realized that even this termination was a way to have a hold on these young artist trying to grow to better their lives and make the country’s industry proud. It was not to support them raise this 3 million and totally free them.

We also found out that, after signing the termination agreement as individuals and as a group, Lolhiphop Records have not supported the solo releases of this group in any way of which it is stated in their termination agreement that the company will help them on their platform to make the money and pay them up. On asking why, the label said they have interest only on the group as Realm Squad and had nothing to do with their solo releases. For the sake of peace REALM SQUAD ignored it and focused to look for a way to pay up this sum and everybody goes their separate ways happily.

So Recently, This group Realm Squad did a collaboration with Fluri Boyz titled “c’est la vie”, which they presented the final audio and video project to the Lolhiphop Team hoping they will support them per the termination contract, but on seeing the video and realizing it is a potential hit, they instead ordered them to postpone the release of the song.
Of which REALM SQUAD did to avoid conflict.

On finding out the reasons for said postponement, they said they wanted to invest on the project and on the group. So it is either they pay off the 3 million “instantly” and free themselves or sign a new contract with them.
The group REALM SQUAD refused and they insisted that if they go ahead with the release, they will do everything to bring it down.
So after a series of meetings for the past 3 months, the group finally agreed to give them a second chance , thinking they have come to their senses and where willing to work this time around.

Both parties made arrangements to forget the problems and continue to work for a “win win”.
But when the time came to sign a proper contract, the label said they are not ready for a proper signing ceremony and that they want to in pitch this group REALM SQUAD to be nominated on “Afrima”.
That “they should just work”. But the group refused because it was the same mistake that happened at the beginning of the first contract when they went online and told the world that Realm Squad was endorsed for 10 million where from our findings, they did not!.

So REALM SQUAD became wiser knowing fully well that if they accept to go to “Afrima” before coming for their contract , the said label will not still do a proper signing ceremony and if they try to back down , the label will use its’s contacts in the industry to paint a bad image about them. Putting this in mind and considering the harm that have been caused to their career , the image the lolhiphop team has painted against this young and talented Cameroonian artist with all the negative energy that they have surrounded their careers with,

REALM SQUAD insisted that they can not “just work” and represent their label until a proper signing is done with lawyers and witnesses.
And ever since REALM SQUAD refused to work blindly, this label has gone silent. so they finally came to the conclusion that this is a way of distracting them and frustrating their purpose for music.

It has been 3 months since REALM SQUAD and other parties of the song “C’est La Vie” postponed C’est La Vie release. So, Considering the time, money and energy that Realm squad put on the song together with their colleagues Fluri Boyz, They all taught it wise to release the song and let people enjoy it.

Recently the label, Lolhiphop has written a copyright take down note to Youtube.

Finally, this is what we don’t understand. This label does not want to do a proper signing ceremony with REALM SQUAD and they don’t want these guys to do music and pay up the said amount.
What do they want? . Kindly help us answer.
But one thing remains, You can’t stop God’s hand work because this guys are a bunch of raw talent.
Rumors are going on that REALM SQUAD are preparing a song concerning this matter . We all know that when it comes to music, these guys are unquenchable. So, our ears can’t wait to listen . Anticipate with us.

What do you think?