Woman Crush Wednesday: Focus On Celia Andre, Valentine’s Day Special


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to let your love ones know how grateful you are for their selfless love, respect and dedication to you. While there are 365 days in the year to express your love for your partner, no other day is as special to couples as Valentine’s Day. This is a dedication to the boyfriends and husbands who take care of you when you were sick, give you a shoulder to cry on, encourage you to try something new, make you laugh when you are low and much more. On Valentine’s Day 2018, let your partner know how thankful you are that they are in your life. Today, make a special meal at home or buy them that gadget they’ve been saving up for. But if you want to express your love with some poignant, meaningful words of love, they will still be appreciated. And if you are in a long-distance relationship or your husband is away, let them know you’re missing them dearly and thinking about them on Valentine’s Day.

Well my beautiful KD readers, What’s popping your world this Wednesday(Arsh Wednesday, Vals Day, Champions League) Its a tough decision day. You already know how we start our Wednesday, but if you are here for the first time, then Karawa Diary wants to let you know that we start our Wednesday by naming our Woman Crush. The Woman Crush Wednesday column is to celebrate ladies that are creating impact in our society and the world at large so that it can inspire others to create same impact then we can change the world together. Today we decided to pour our love on a rare gem, Celia Andre

Celia Andre is a 1.78m tall beauty who grew up in Bamenda and attended GBHS Bamenda where she got an advanced level. She earned a degree in Law from the place to be(UB). She has excelled greatly in the modeling industry and today she is on our hot seat to feed our curiosity. Ok now that you guys are acquainted lets dig in.

KD: What is your tribe?

Celia: I am a young Sawa woman from Manjo in the littoral .

KD: What is your highest educational level?

Celia: My highest level of education will be my first degree .

KD: When did you start modeling and how receptive has your family been towards your art?

Celia: I started modeling in 2013 and my family has been very very supportive when it’s comes to that aspect  of my life I remember the first runway I did in Douala ..my mom travelled from bda just so she could be there (cute right)

KD: What else do you do for a living?

Celia: Well I use to study and do modeling at the same time and it was hella difficult but now I plan  to focus more on my modeling career and some other project that I’ll keep secret for now (a littte mystery won’t kill lol)

KD: Which do you have a bigger passion for?

Celia: I do have a great passion for modeling ..from the time I started up till now it’s have been a fascinating experience and I won’t give it up for anything in the world

KD: What do you have to say about the negative impression people have of models?

Celia: Well every body is entitled to an opinion . All I can say is don’t judge a book by its cover. There is good and bad in every thing and every one, just don’t generalize.( hey! We are adorable)

KD: What are the major challenges in the modeling industry as far as Cameroon is concerned?

Celia: Phew!! I don’t know where to start. There are a lot of challenges but I’ll just name a few ..most casting for well paid shows are kept secret as in models who have the information tell only their own people so you might not hear if you don’t know them…most big gigs are via “connection” if you don’t know somebody who knows somebody then you will be left out. When u finally get a job most at time the pay is so small for the work load , and let’s not forget that sometimes you have to run behind organizers to get your pay after you’ve done your job.

KD: Which projects have been involved with so far?

Celia: Some project I have worked on so far include; runways for Fabafriq (launch) in Cameroon, Annual show fashion week, Cameroon fashion week, Carlos Annual arts festival, Louis Fame A1SS18 men’s collection, I am also one of the Returnees angels, did a commercial for supermont, recently worked with Thonbs and online clothing store ..just to name a few.

KD: Future projects?

Celia:Yass!! But for now I’ll just keep them to myself till I am ready to share them

KD: Who would you be if you were not a model?

Celia: I’ll be a flight attendant because I love to travel so much

KD: Who are you when the cameras go out?
Celia: When the camera go out? Well I become a comedian ..I like making people laugh . I am very silly sometimes especially  around my friends ..but most at times I’ll be reading.. this girl loves novels.

KD: Who do you wanna work with and when do you intend stopping modeling?

Celia: I will love to do a collab with models like, Valery Ayena ,(it’s ridiculous how much I love her), Jasmine tookes in the US (love her too) and The amazing Jencey.  They are so many great photographers not only in Cameroon but in Africa I will be delighted to shoot with everyone one of them or most of them.

As for when I intend to stop modeling ..I will probably still be a model in heaven. Can’t stop won’t stop.


KD: Any last words for those enthusiastic or discouraged about modeling?

Celia: For any girl boy out there who wants to get into modeling, just have a burning passion for it , because when it gets really hard it’s the love for it that keep you going. Know your worth and don’t hesitate to explore as much as you can.

If you feel discouraged, I’ll advice you to take some time and just breathe, do you really you really want to be a model ? If yes then no matter what, keep doing it no matter how hard it gets..if you really love it don’t ever give up

Take a look at some of her flamboyant pictures.


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