Woman Crush Wednesday: Meet kamer’s finest Beat maker and singer Elena Serna (audio)

Where my beautiful KD readers at? What’s popping your world this Wednesday. You already know how we start our Wednesday, but if you are here for the first time, then Karawa Diary wants to let you know that we start our Wednesday by naming our Woman Crush. The Woman Crush Wednesday column is to celebrate ladies that are creating impact in our society and the world at large so that it can inspire others to create same impact then we can change the world together.
This week we are looking at a Cameroonian woman with a Talent the society considers to be for men , Beat making and music production. Her name is Elena Matilda Serna who goes by the stage name Elena Serna and she got the voice of a nightingale and added to that a master at beat making. The 25 year old beauty is our Woman Crush Wednesday. Karawa Diary had the opportunity to chat with her and have a bit of her vibe and of course we want to share that with you guys.
KD: Hey Elena, How are you doing today?
Good  day, I am alright , thank you
KD: I know KD readers will be curious, where were you born?
I was born in Italy and grew up in Cameroon

KD: Talk to us about schooling

After graduating from high school I went to France to do performing arts at the Studio international de Vanina Mareschal

KD:When did you get into music?
I started Music when I was 16/17, though I went professional about 4 years ago.
KD:Why this line of business? (are you mostly producer or artist?

I think the main reason was because I had too many melodies playing in my head that  I wanted to let other people hear it. For some reason I figured out how to get them out and at same time sing on them, that makes me an artist, beat maker and composer (Of course I write my songs )
KD:How receptive is (was) your family towards your art?

I think I am a very lucky girl, my family always supported me in everything I did !
KD:Aaw! how Sweet!! Which is the biggest platform you have been on?

I have never been in a huge platforms, However, have performed in many places and events between Italy/France/Cameroon/
KD:Who do you look up to in the industry nationally and internationally?

I appreciate all kinds of artists and musics so I can’t really answer that question but if you want me to side people I’ll say: Beyoncé, Pharrell, Ray Charles, D’Angelo missy Elliott, Erykah Badu, Vybz Cartel, p-square, Russ, Kaytranada . and so on.
KD:Have you worked with any Cameroonian artists? And which will you love to work with?

I have worked with director Fabien Nguemo and I’m actually going to do a featuring with Koppo. And I’m waiting  to collaborate with other artists ! As long as our styles can match somehow.
KD:What do you do when you are not on set?
I eat sleep and go to work
KD:HMM!! fun routine huh!.Which music projects have been your best and worst so far?

Ouuuuh don’t ask me that question! Cause I’m a perfectionist, so in every song I’ll have to say something bad about it even if it’s good. (she laughs)
But so far I like Please baby, I think it’s one of the best.

KD: What are your favorite songs and artist in Cameroon?

As I said previously, I like all type of musics and artists so it’s hard for me to answer that question. (It’s as if you asked me what’s my favorite type of water…. i don’t man I just enjoy water …!🤷🏽‍♀️)
KD: Hahahaha,OK that was a funny one. Do you think women have an equal position in the industry especially when it comes to production and why?

If you want to become a singer it’s hard: you have to train, to be pretty, to do this and that, to have that “one thing” that nobody has, to step out of the crowd, etc… ect…
so I guess it is as hard for a boy as it is for a girl.
But have you ever heard about a woman producing hip hop/trap/rap music? You don’t hear it that much: it’s F*&kiNG HARD for a woman in this industry (excuse my language)
It’s like people assume that only males can do beats. Just like boys can only wear blue shirts and girls pink (hahahaha). It’s bullshit. I can’t tell you why it’s like that except that “it’s our society that made us think this way” (sad)

KD: Hahaha, Your sense of humor is way up there.What future projects are you working on?
(Dream girls hit song playing*) “…and I ain’t telling you….”
Just kidding, I’m actually working on covers and remixes, some singles too.
KD: We can’t wait to hear it.What has been your challenges?

I’m a challenge for myself, that’s pretty good enough ! However I participated in the tour music fest in Italy, and this year I will do the sankofa soul contest, in May in Paris
KD: What has been you Biggest success?

This question goes to the other me so you can ask her what she’s doing: say hi to her for me
KD: Hey, where is the other Serna…hahaha, well I will find her.Who are you when the lights and cameras go out?

I’m a weird, crazy, lazy, eating baby of 25years.
KD: OH Jeez!! hahaha, You are lucky you got sexy genes so u can’t grow out of shape.Are you in a romantic relationship?
KD: Ok, KD readers, you all heard that, she is so taken already. What would you like to be remembered for?
My art.
KD: A word for people who are aspiring, and those who are discouraged about this line of work?

Get a job. Work hard on what you like. Cry. Get angry, chill, relax.. cry again, do mistakes, always step back and put things into perspective. Work. Go on, and one day all of it will pay off. Wink!!!
Elena Serna
Oh wow!! KD readers was it not fun with her? Do follow Up with Serna on a her social media platforms and do like and share her amazing art.
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