#WomanCrushWednesday: Aline Snuff, “People are still stereotype about dance taking you places” (+video)


Hey beautiful KD readers. What’s up? It is another Wednesday. We got some amazing lady to celebrate. You know how it is in this our little world, we give attention to those people who are impacting the society with positive vibe through the use of their art and Talent. On Wednesday we focus on empowering the Woman in the Woman Crush Wednesday column.

Of course this week , we take a look at an amazing dancer and choreography who has thrilled many people, danced with many artists, storm several stages across the country and out and above all inspired other young women to dancing. Her name is Banye Aline Verla Akwanka Queen know by her stage name Aline Snuff.

She is a 21 year old Degree holder in performing and visual arts.

Earlier this week Karawa Diary met to talk with her.

KD: Hey Aline, You look amazing today, thanks for having us

Aline Snuff: Thank you (she laughs) Am delighted to be here and talking to one of my favorite media platforms.

KD: You are our Woman Crush Wednesday, And you are the first Dancer we are talking to, As a dancer, what has been your drive, what made you choose dance as an art.

Aline Snuff: Its simply the passion i have for dancing, that alone is a big drive for me.

KD:Has your family been receptive to the idea of you being a dancer?

Aline: Sure, my mum especially, but it was not immediate. It came with the devotion and dedication I put into the dance. the circumstances surrounding my dedication and the achievements that came with time gave her no choice but to support me. This a lone is giving me great ideas to even go higher.

KD: Looking at Cameroon’s entertainment industry, can dancing put food on your table?

Aline Snuff: I don’t aim for just Cameroon…Cameroon is just 20% of my coverage ground as far as going round the world is concerned however as far as the Cameroon industry is concerned, people are still stereotype about the fact that dancing can actually take you places, unlike other parts of the world where it is held with so much honor, so, it’s not regarded with much value thus leading to neglect and low payment. But with proper branding as it is the case with any other art one  could scale through.

KD:What has been one of your most fulfilling moments in dancing since you started dancing

Aline Snuff: My most fulfilling period was during our international shows in Guinea Conakry and Ivory coast respectively With my team and boss Mr Leo…(#Teammrleo she shouts out)

KD:For how long have you been dancing

Aline Snuff: All my life but professionally about a year 11months

KD:Who are some choreographers and dancers you look up to?

Aline Snuff: Kaffy…the Danceress

KD: Who are some of the artists and dancers you have worked with?

Aline Snuff: Some of the artists are Mr Leo, Salatiel, Blaise b, Askia, Tzy panchak, Mel B, Daphne, Featurist, Zinnia, Stanley Enow and many others (and she was still thinking to add more and We had to stop her right there)

I have worked with Dancers like Laeti, Kim, Brenda Dery, Trevor, 237lapache

KD: What will you tell someone intending to indulge into dancing ?

Aline Snuff: Believe in yourself, if it’s your purpose ,you will make it, even elements of nature Will be in you favour. Remember God first..
Hard work, with this you sure ready.

KD: Who are you when you are not dancing

Aline Snuff: Home type, crazy moments with friends, do life educative research online, sleep.

KD: Wow, that is a lot fun things, we are so excited to have spent this time with you. By the way we will love to be part of your crazy moments next time

Aline: Hahaha, you are definitely welcome anytime.

And that was it with the beautiful Aline KD readers, You read it here first. Aline is also a freelance dancer though answerable to a boss in the person of Mr Leo

For bookings you can contact her via her email:snuffaline@gmail.com

You can get Aline on the following social media platforms.

Facebook: Aline Snuff(By the way her profile picture is a red gown, two accounts exist with this name, sadly one was harked)
Insta: Aline Snuff
Twitter: Aline snuff
Snap chat: Aline Snuff237

You can also subscribe to her personal Youtube channel Aline Snuff for more dance thrills.

Sit back relax and enjoy some of Aline’s Beautiful dance moves in the video below.

Picture Credits : Fahrenheit


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