#WomanCrushWednesday: Meet Kibonen Nfi, Designer with the little Twist

Kibonen Nfi

Where my beautiful KD readers at? What’s popping your world this Wednesday. You already know how we start our Wednesday, but if you are here for the first time, then Karawa Diary wants to let you know that we start our Wednesday by naming our Woman Crush. The Woman Crush Wednesday column is to celebrate ladies that are creating impact in our society and the world at large so that it can inspire others to create same impact then we can change the world together.

You must have heard of a dress made by a Cameroonian designer that went viral after Lupita Nyongo wore it or maybe you heard of a Cameroonian designer making waves in the international fashion scene. Meet Kibonen Nfi,a Cameroonian a North westerner born in 1982 (that was an iconic year even in politics) that has put Cameroon on the map of fashion.

She started outin academics with a background in Finance and moved to the USA where she earned a masters degree in International Trade and Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She started out as a co founder of KiRette Couture  and branched out in 2011 under the company name of Kibonen| NY. Her brand creates clothing,accessories  and footwear. She draws her highest inspiration from the Toghu what she calls “the most intricate hand woven traditional garment of Cameroon”. She also works with fabrics like Tye-dye,Wax Prints,Kanga and Bogolan.

Kibonen dressed Lupita

She told the media that a gripping factor that urged the formation of her brand was the reality of over 49% of the Cameroonian population living below the poverty line so her brand will help create employment in Cameroon and pay wages that considerably improve the living standards of Cameroonians.

Together with some partners,Kibonen has formed the Cameroon Fashion C.I.G called Made in Camer which is an independent charity based, eco and ethical clothing production unit  that encourages and supports local talent by providing employment in  poor communities in Cameroon.

Syndy Emade slays in Kibone’s design too

Thanks to this woman’s amazing work,Cameroonians all over the world are proud to wear their traditional Toghu and identify with it. Now this is one woman to crush on. The rest of your week is definitely in the right track now. Don’t mention.Karawa Diary aims to please. You welcome.


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