#WomanCrushWednesday: The Model Nkenku Sylvia, Check Her Out


It’s another Wednesday beautiful people. Every Wednesday We Celebrate the woman. Our Woman Crush Wednesday panel celebrates both young and Old women that are creating and impact in the lives of others even as they pursue their career. This week we are taking a look at a model extra-ordinaire.

Meet Nkenku Sylvia, one of Cameroon’s finest Female Models. A 1.75m tall young lady Who lived in Douala and schooled in Bamenda. She later on relocated to Buea where she studied Medical Laboratory Sciences at the University of Buea. She then had her Higher Professional Diploma in Physiotherapy from St Louis in Bamenda.

I am very sure by now you are wondering why someone with several degrees especially in the medical field will settle for Modeling. Well if you were thinking modeling or fashion was for the educationally frustrated then you have to sit back and think again.

Sylvia hails from the North West Region of Cameroon precisely from Bamenda Nkwen,Tubah

Karawa Diary caught up with her a couple of weeks ago to talk of her modeling art and see how she is using the platform to change the world.

KD: Good day Miss Nkenku, Thanks for having us.

Sylvia: It’s a pleasure, I am twice as excited. (She started by laughing though)

KD: When did you start modeling and how receptive has your family been towards your art?

Syliva: It’s been 7 years so far, started precisely in 2010. About support, my mum has been 110% supportive. She was there all the way when I was getting in for Miss Cameroon 2016 just like several friends.

 KD:  What else do you do for a living?

Sylvia: As hobbies, I am in Love with Traveling the world. Asides Modeling, I do make-up and am also a sales agent for maybe line products.

KD: Which do you have a bigger passion for?

Sylvia: Am more passionate about modeling, there is a lot that comes with modeling like the run-way part of it as well as the picture poses. The part am intrigued by the most is the picture modeling.

KD: What do you have to say about the negative impression people have of models?

Sylvia: If she is into Modeling then she is a whore, she sleeps around to get what she wants. These are some of the things you hear. Hardly positive. But I bet you, some girls work their asses day and night to get to the top. Cameroonians are not just good at investing so people get the whole thing twisted because of the struggle that comes with it.

I remember how I got to this guy with a couple of models for a shoot and they won’t pay us the money we asked because they claimed we were not in Europe and they claimed they were giving us exposure so we should just have them use us for free (she looks at me in amazement…trust me I was shocked too).

That’s the mess we live in. Some people shut down young talented models because they think they don’t have a following so they can’t use them even if they have the talent because they are more about the following so I am wondering to myself like how will a model get following if she is not worked with?

However, amongst the bad, they are also good remarks. I came across some two couples in my modeling Career Mr Wilson and that of Niki Heats agency. Niki heats actually financially supported me when I was going in for Miss Cameroon. I owe my progress to them.

KD: Which projects have you been involved with so far?

Sylvia: Miss United Countries Cameroon (I was to take part in that and license never came through, some of the challenges we face)

Other projects I have been involved in so far is Miss Cameroon Contest, Bamenda Fashion Week, African Models Exhibition Nigeria, Miss Comely Queen Nigeria,

KD: Who would you be if you were not a model?

Sylvia: (She laughs). I am guessing I told you of all the medical degrees I have earlier. Of course I will be a physiotherapist working at a hospital.

KD: Who are you when the cameras go out?

Sylvia: I am a very playful person, I love to laugh when things are not even funny (trust me I can bear witness to that, she was laughing through all my interview for no reason, I thought I looked funny, lol), I am very care free and not to forget, I sleep a lot does not mean I don’t work hard though.

KD:  Who do you wanna work with and when do you intend stopping modeling?

Sylvia: I never want to stop modeling, I want to work with Lupita Nyongo’o, Tyra Banks, Madona Kunleh (Cameroonian top model), Oprah Winfrey, I want to work with every aspiring model I come across, be it famous, infamous, every model it’s a learning platform.

KD: Any last words for those enthusiastic or discouraged about modeling?

Sylvia: If it’s your dream fight for it, don’t hide in the shadows. You need to face your life head on.

KD: Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Sylvia: Am looking forward to working with many more people, lamplight, photoshoots, investors and all the money making platforms, am looking forward to working with designers (all good designers)

I give credit to people like Penjo Baba, Eric (Bamenda), William, Alain Ngang, am still looking forward to working with many others, Shout out to all makeup-artists out there, and most importantly to vicki a special make-up artist (Sweet nice person)My sister helped me morally and how to communicate and my parents have been there I owe them gratitude. My friend Tse Donald too, my best friend who has been there all the way

-And thanks to Karawa Diary for granting me audience.

KD: We have had an amazing time with you, watching you laugh the most part.

And Yes yes yes!!! KD readers, that was it from our Woman Crush Wednesday. I must confess, she is an amazing personality.

As you already know, this is Karawa Diary a daily dose of what’s happening and what’s not.

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  1. I think she’s a real model extra-ordinaire with a humble personality. And I must confess my cheeks hurt each time I discuss with her😆😅😅 . she basically laughs throughout. Lol

  2. Yeah…hey she is our Benjamin (I guess I laugh more than she does) she takes those steps you think she might either miss or drop but at the end you must be shocked she stands firm, I must congratulate her for that. She gave in everything to Modeling for that I’m proud. Baby sis im proud of you more grace. You will go places

  3. Hihihihi she’s indeed extraordinary , go girl she basically made everyone in my house watch CRTV just to c her. Keep smiling boo nothing can stop you ,ur all the way 👆

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